© 2016 Samoa Shipping Corporation Limited Contact Us Samoa Shipping Corporation Ltd, Shipping House, Matautu-tai P.O Private Bag, Apia, Samoa. Tel: (685) 20-935 / (685) 20-936 Fax: (685) 22352 email: info@samoashipping.com   Reservations & Scheduling Contact  Tel: (685) 20935 / 20936 email : reservations@samoashipping.com.  Our Savaii Office Tel: (685) 51477 Salelologa Wharf, Salelologa, Savaii.   Our Mulifanua Office Tel: (685) 45518 Mulifanua Wharf, Mulifanua, Apia. Our Agent in Pago Pago American Samoa Tel: 633 1211  Fax: 633 1265  Postal: 1478 email:  polyship@polyship.com Polynesia Shipping Services Inc. Fagatogo, American Samoa SSC continues to accommodate charter requests from its neighboring islands such as the  chartered service to the Swains Island on request from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration (NOAA) in American Samoa last May.  The monthly scheduled charters to Tokelau Atolls as per arrangements with the government of  Tokelau, and the recent chartered to the Cook Islands of Pukapuka, Manihiki and Rarotonga  upon request from the government of Cook Island. Given Samoas geographic location and its reputation of providing safe shipping services it  strategically places Samoa Shipping Corporation as the most favorable for charter services.  SSC’s ultimate goal is to be the provider of quality, reliable and safe shipping services in Samoa  and its neighboring islands.